About us

You worked hard for your home, you deserve time to relax and enjoy it.  We can help you do that!

Summer Côté is a local military spouse and mother of 5.  Before she started Clean Conscience, Summer's daily life was chaotic and exhausting.  After the kids went to bed one night, she realized she was unable to relax in her own home.  The next day,  she decided to make the time to give her house a thorough deep cleaning.  Once all was said and done, Summer felt much more relaxed and at peace and found that the stressors in her daily life did not seem as overwhelming.  With this revelation in mind, she started Clean Conscience because a clean home makes a calm mind.

At Clean Conscience we strive to make your home feel like the calming oasis it's supposed to be.  We want to make every day feel like a staycation!  As busy mother's ourselves, we understand and will do our best to work around your schedule.  We don't believe in making things clean, we believe in making it immaculate!  Call or e-mail us to book your free consult with complimentary beverage today!

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